Jennifer Mizel, teacher, writer, and founder of Return of the Sacred, guides others through the process of awakening by helping to restore the connection to all that is sacred and wild.

She dedicates herself to being a conduit and an embodiment, of Truth, Wisdom, and Remembering. She believes that we become a force for global change, when we embody our own True Nature and connect with the Divine, within and without.

In all her work she demonstrates how the forces of nature can be our greatest allies and teachers, and when we attune to the flow of the earth and larger cosmic rhythms, we connect to the greater, Universal wisdom.

Currently she’s working on her upcoming book Aether: Excursions into the Akashic Field to be released Fall of 2019.

Jennifer supports her clients to successfully navigate the transitions and transformations that life’s journey brings our way, through her one-to-one work, courses, retreats and rituals.

To inquire about setting up a private session, or for other inquiries, reach out below.