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Jennifer Mizel, teacher, writer, and founder of Return of the Sacred, guides others through the process of soul awakening by helping them to connect to their creative potential and Soul Essence.

She dedicates herself to being a conduit of Truth, Wisdom, and Remembering, believing that we become a force for global change, when we awaken to, and embody our, own, True Nature.

Throughout her work she demonstrates how the forces of nature can be our greatest allies and teachers, and when we attune to the flow of the earth and larger cosmic rhythms, we connect to the greater, Universal whole.

Currently she’s working on her upcoming book AetherExcursions into the Akashic Field to be released Winter of 2019.

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    After an unfulfilling career in the Fashion Industry, a series of spiritual awakenings beginning in 2005, led Jennifer toward her true Calling - to be a Facilitator of expanding consciousness, a Beacon for Higher Truth and Guide for the Soul Embodiment process during this Time of Great Awakening. A spontaneous Kundalini event in 2012 began a seven year re-embodiment process, allowing a higher Soul Essence to move into the physical vehicle, simultaneously clearing the way to hold a direct connection to Source, and building higher communication with the Multidimensional Allies and Guardian Councils. She holds access to the Living Libraries of the Akash, the ancient future wisdom that is currently being remembered for the purposes of liberation and restoring Soul Sovereignty to humanity. Over a decade of testing, has tempered and trained her into being a Pioneer of the New Paradigm, now working in devotion to helping others find the freedom of their Unique Divinity, and connect to the Sacredness of Being, as a part of the larger Cosmic whole.
    Jennifer’s writings, teachings and overall body of work draws on a blend of a lifelong study of metaphysics, esoteric philosophies, the healing arts, therapeutic nutrition, and energy medicine - always tested and tried in real-time through fierce life experience. Everything is brought together through her connection to Nature and the subtle realms of the Akashic Field, the quantum space that holds the wisdom of all things. This allows her to hold an elevated, visionary perspective, giving direction, meaning and inspiration at a time where old structures are set to dismantle, so new ways of Being, can be birthed.
    Jennifer lives a life at elevation in the Rocky Mountains, where she does a lot of grid work and land healing, and LOVES spending time with the rising Sacred Sun. She finds freedom, foraging in the forest for medicinal plants, and driving fast with loud music on desolate desert roads. She is perpetually photographing and writing, as a creative outlet to document the journey, every, step, of the way.
    As a total Gemini, she always has a lot to say.


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