Yesterday you went away.
occluded by clouds,
dissipating into the forest, 
swallowed by the Mountain.

Hidden from my view.

The moon took over,
rising in your absence
emitting a radiance,
that she can only receive from the source
that is you.

Casting forth her stars across the night sky,
they started to dance together, in that ancient, and cosmic alchemy.

Working their magic in the darkest of hours.

Transmuting what has past
repairing what was shattered
bringing light to the shadows
filling in the cracks
returning the balance

Making space for what is destined to be new.

All night long,
Like sirens illuminated in ecstasy
they never
stopped calling
out their love for you.

They have no reason to doubt,
They've done this dance too long.

Longer than me.
Longer than you.

So at twilight, I went in search of you.
Noticing how this morning felt different.

The birds were clearer,
The horizon expanded,
The weight in my heart, now completely gone.

It was like a new magic had been released,
as if something once broken, had finally, been restored.

It was then

The initial sparks came,
A light burst in a flash.

Awaking in awe,
Beaming forth wonder. 
This was the real beginning
The long-prophesied awakening,
A dawning of Truth into the New day.

It was the moment in my dreams
I was never sure I would see.

Sometimes it's felt like my one and only purpose.

To be there to bear witness,
To be there to stand by you,
To be there together,
the moment you make the Return.